Beşiktaş Meydan Otel

Meydan Beşiktaş Hotel

Beşiktaş is a modern reminder of the whole history of Istanbul. It harmonizes the ever changing culture and incorporates all kinds of entertainment to its streets and its history.

Beşiktaş is alive and it never stops.

Beşiktaş is time itself.

And Meydan Beşiktaş Hotel is the spirit of that time…

It is a boutique hotel that shares the colorful character of Meydan Beşiktaş with modernly decorated rooms that has a view of the Bosphorus and an exquisite service.

Situated on a 5000 m2 area and fully in service since October 2018, this hotel consists of 24 rooms that are designed to project the modern aspect of Beşiktaş.

With its hospitable service, employees that hold customer satisfaction to the highest and its peaceful atmosphere, this hotel gives comfort and a sense of security that can only be found in one’s home.