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The Largest and Most Popular Stage of Istanbul

Istanbul’s New Center of Entertainment: Meydan Beşiktaş

Beşiktaş Orta Bahçe was the heart of art and culture during the early days of the Turkish Republic. It is still welcoming the colorful people of the city just as it had in the first days of the Republic. 2018, Meydan Beşiktaş. The elegance of nostalgia is awakened with a modern touch. The tradition of Orta Bahçe can still be found in the modern image of the city and it’s singing it’s traditional song with a brand new melody at Meydan Beşiktaş. Beşiktaş is once more opening its gates to culture, art and entertainment. This time however, it is more populated, more enthusiastic and more colorful.

With it’s breakfast hall, play area, sports pub, restaurant, shopping area, boutique shop, cultural event area and a performance hall that can host as many as 1500 people, Meydan Beşiktaş is letting Beşiktaş recreate its former glory. This is the place where you can experience the city life with all of its modernity and excitement.

This is Meydan Beşiktaş, where we mix the decades old history, culture and entertainment styles of Orta Bahçe and present it to our guests. Inside Meydan Beşiktaş, you can find Dorock XL Beşiktaş, Dorock XL Breakfast, Dorock XL Saloon, Dorock XL Boutique Shop, Champs Sports Pub, Ziyade Tavern, Ziyade Meze & Bar and Meydan Beşiktaş Hotel.